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Hour of Power - Sunday, March 29th

This Sunday the RORC, in compliance with our Governors ordinance, will not be gathering at our church building. I believe the Holy Spirit is stirring us to unite our hearts together in a different way.

Last week we looked at Numbers 16 where a plague had broken out among the people. Aaron the Priest of the Lord took fire and a censor and ran into the midst of the people and plague. Numbers 16:48 “HE STOOD BETWEEN THE DEAD AND THE LIVING; THE PLAGUE STOPPED”! This reminded me of images of 9/11 as the towers were on fire and hundreds were running out at the same time there were those who were running in. Men and Women who were trained and prepared for that day…FIRST RESPONDERS. Their training and courage saved so many lives and families.

Today in the midst of this COVID 19 pandemic there are a people who Jesus has been training and equipping for “such a time as this”. They are SPIRITUAL FIRST RESPONDERS who in this social crisis their hearts are moved not to run but like Aaron to RISE UP. They are called in Revelations 1:5-6 “Kings and Priests”. Believers who have a revelation that the blood of Jesus not only brought us out of sin but brought us into a PRIESTHOOD. This Priesthood office has been given great spiritual authority and responsibility.

Matthew 16:18-19 is very clear that the redemptive work of Jesus has given the Church victory over the gates of hell (plagues) but here is THE KEY… the responsibility and authority has been given to us. Whatever YOU bind on earth HEAVEN will respond. WE ARE THE KEY!!! The equipping and training you have is the revelation that God has given you spiritual authority. The key to unlock heaven over your life, marriage, family, home, community and this nation. WE MUST “..withstand in the evil day, and having all done all, TO STAND” Ephesians 6:13.

As our president has said we are fighting an invisible enemy. This is war. A battle that is not against flesh and blood but principalities and powers. One that will require a Church willing to go the distance.

That brings us to this Sunday March 29th @ 10 am I heard the Holy Spirit say, “HOUR OF POWER”. We had looked at doing a LIVE this Sunday….. perhaps next Sunday. So this Sunday I believe the Lord is assigning the RORC PRIESTHOOD to rise up united in an hour of prayer and praise. From 10am-11am set aside this time for ALL of us to seek the Lord together each in our respected communities and homes. Releasing a unified voice that Heaven will receive and respond to with supernatural peace, protection and provision.

Matthew 26:40-41 Jesus said “WHAT, could you not watch with me one hour? Watch and pray that you enter not into temptation. The same account in the gospel of Luke tells us what the temptation is “sleeping for sorrow” (Luke 22:45). When crisis and trials come the great temptation is to become spiritually dull. Allowing the circumstances to cause a spiritual sleep where emotions/feelings are louder than the voice of your Spirit. Fear and anxiety will not control us! We are awakening to the voice of our Shepherd who has gone ahead of us and has established steps for us to walk safely through this time.

Two things I’m asking for this Sunday.

1. Please respond back to me if you are going to commit and join us in this HOUR OF POWER 10am-11am. I am believing for 120 this is not just for RORC please forward this to others.

2. As Hebrews 10:25 says “encourage each other, so much the more as you see that day approaching”. During this hour the Lord will be giving words of encouragement to you for the church. Please take time to share. You can post on The Rock of Restoration Facebook. It will be set to allow posting. We have a filter on to prevent unauthorized posts so your post will not show immediately.



Pastor G

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