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Daily Devotional for May 12

Jesus replied, “Now is not the right time for me to go. But you can go anytime, and it will make no difference.” —John 7:6

With these words, Jesus addressed His brothers who were pressuring Him to go to Jerusalem and perform miracles. They reasoned that anyone who wanted to be a public figure needed to go to the center of attention and promote himself. In their minds, Jesus had the greatest miracle show going and needed to advertise it! Jesus countered His brothers’ demands with a reference to His time. He was committed to waiting upon the Lord for the right time with regard to doors of ministry. Many Christians, however, are more like Jesus’ brothers than like Him.  They look at ministry like it’s a business, and they grow frustrated if they or anyone else misses an opportunity.  Saul, too, had no sense of divine timing (1 Samuel 13:11-12). Instead of waiting for Samuel to make the sacrifice, he forced himself to offer it before the people began to scatter. This mistake of timing cost him his throne.  The great eagle digs his claws into the top of the rock and waits for the thermal winds. When they are blowing too hard to resist, he releases his talons and soars. His wings do not flap with exertion, but he effortlessly soars high. Wait for the Lord and His winds of opportunity. He will exalt you when the timing is perfect.


Suggested Reading:

1 Samuel 12:1-13:23

John 7:1-30

Psalm 108:1-13

Proverbs 15:4


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