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Daily Devotional for February 6

The first is the Festival of Unleavened Bread. For seven days you are to eat bread made without yeast. . . .You must also celebrate the Festival of Harvest, when you bring me the first crops of your harvest. Finally, you are to celebrate the Festival of the Final Harvest at the end of the harvest season. —Exodus 23:15-16

The three feasts of Israel describe how God views human history. The annual calendar for Israel began with the shedding of a lamb’s blood in the Passover (the Feast of Unleavened Bread). Likewise, our salvation began with the shedding of Christ’s blood on the cross. Next came the Feast of Harvest (Pentecost). The Church in the New Testament also was birthed in a mighty harvest on the day of Pentecost. The last feast was the Feast of Final Harvest (Tabernacles) held at the end of the year. What a picture that celebration presents of the end of time! A final, culminating harvest will occur, just as at the Feast of Final Harvest when the Israelites gathered in their crops from the field. Christ told His disciples to watch and be ready for the final harvest and His return. Like a thief in the night, He will return to gather the harvest of those who have been faithful during His absence (Matthew 24). His sudden appearance to rescue His Church will leave one in the field and one at the mill while their partners suddenly disappear. Let’s be ready for the moment of His glorious return. Behold, “His return is very near, right at the door” (v. 33).


Suggested Reading:

Exodus 23:14-25:40

Matthew 24:29-51

Psalm 30:1-12

Proverbs 7:24-27


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