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Daily Devotional for February 07

Tell the people of Israel to bring you pure olive oil for the lampstand, so it can be kept burning continually.

—Exodus 27:20

The burning flames of the lampstand represent the “seven spirits of God” mentioned in Revelation 4:5 that burn continually and eternally before the throne of God. Because the flame of worship is never to cease, an unending supply of oil is necessary.

Jesus spoke of seven wise and seven foolish virgins. The primary difference between the two groups was that the wise took extra oil for their lamps, while the foolish did not (Matthew 25:3-4). In this parable, the wise virgins were those whose lives were prepared and ready for the heavenly Bridegroom. They were like the servants who were found using their talents wisely when the Master returned

(v. 19).

The point of these examples is readiness. First is the readiness of a life constantly filled with the Holy Spirit—a life burning brightly day and night in worship. Second is a life that is attentive to the Bride-groom’s call, denying the foolish lusts that drain the oil. Finally is a life that is spiritually productive, developing talents to the fullest potential.

Keep your lamps full, trimmed, and burning. The Bridegroom will come when you least expect Him, and there will be no time to find the oil you need.


Suggested Daily Readings:

Exodus 26:1-27:21 Matthew 25:1-30 Psalm 31:1-8 Proverbs 8:1-11


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