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Daily Devotional for December 12

Pride ends in humiliation, while humility brings honor. —Proverbs 29:23

Pride is undoubtedly the deadliest of sins. It caused the downfall of Satan, and for centuries he has deceived countless men and women.

David, the greatest king of Israel, would not allow pride in his life. He declared, “Lord, my heart is not proud; my eyes are not haughty. I don’t concern myself with matters too great or awesome for me” (Psalm 131:1). Associating with the wealthy, the intellectual, or political “movers and shakers” causes some to consider themselves exalted, as did Haman in the book of Esther.

David, however, was willing to associate with anyone and still remained secure in who he was. He reminded himself that his soul was as quiet as a “weaned child with its mother” (v. 2, NIV). Weaned children do not struggle for position and nourishment, but rather are relaxed and content to lie on their mothers’ laps. Prideful people, on the other hand, are always fidgety. They push for position and notoriety and work all the angles.

As though we were babies on God’s lap, let us relax and allow Him to exalt us. We will live longer and go further as well!


Suggested Reading:

Amos 7:1-9:15 Revelation 3:7-22 Psalm 131:1-3 Proverbs 29:23


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