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Daily Devotional for March 18

For you have heard my vows, O God. You have given me an inheritance reserved for those who fear your name. —Psalm 61:5

Your spiritual inheritance is the most important thing you possess. The daughters of Zelophehad knew that and thus demanded their inheritance (Numbers 27:4). They refused to let any factor stand in their way of possessing what their father had left to them, and consequently, God honored their faith. Your spiritual inheritance may be the transfer of someone else’s anointing to you before that person’s death. Moses transferred his anointing to Joshua by the laying on of hands (Numbers 27:23). Jesus received His inheritance when He went into the Jordan and was baptized by John (Luke 3:21-22). Elisha appropriated his inheritance when he saw Elijah go up in a whirlwind and drop his mantle from the chariot (2 Kings 2:11-13). God has given you a mantle of inheritance—some ministry, some mission, some calling—that belongs to you alone. Will you be like Esau who despised his inheritance and birthright and sold it all for a little bowl of soup? Never forfeit or throw your heritage away as though it were worthless. Instead, seize it, claim it, and believe that God will use it to glorify His name.


Suggested Reading:

Numbers 26:52-28:15

Luke 3:1-22

Psalm 61:1-8

Proverbs 11:16-17


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