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Daily Devotional for April 8

Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and become a slave.

—Proverbs 12:24

The Kingdom of God does not belong to the slothful and careless. Jesus taught that the person who is a “faithful, sensible servant” (Luke 12:42) will be amply rewarded for his diligence when the master returns.

All your time, money, talents, and influence have been given to you as tests of your faithfulness. You are tested on earth so your eternal position may be fairly and justly assigned. It really doesn’t matter how high or low your station in life or how much earthly wealth you attain. It matters only how faithful you are in that station and with the wealth you have been given.

Whatever your status, be diligent (hardworking, persevering, and careful in work), making the most with even a little. The more faithful you are with a little, the more God can entrust to you. Sometimes He is watching to see what you will do with a little before He gives you much.

“Laziness ends in slave labor” (Proverbs 12:24 NIV), but diligence brings reward. In eternity, your reward for diligence will be to rule over entire cities (Luke 19:17). So persevere! Be faithful in little and God will reward you with much!


Suggested Reading:

Deuteronomy 32:28-52 Luke 12:35-59 Psalm 78:56-64 Proverbs 12:24


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